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9-2018 10:20 BJTBone-marrow transplants▓ remain prohibitively expensive for many people"Mom, I feel terrible. I don't want to di▓e, please, I want the blo

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," a girl of age 6 pleaded with her sobbing mo▓ther.She had been diagnosed with thalassemia, a hereditary blood disorder that causes anemia, i▓ncreases th

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in severe cases, can▓ le

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ad to heart problems.Liu He's own daughter was waiting for a transfusion when she met the girl's sobbi▓ng mothe

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r at a hospital in Changde, Hunan province, in 2002▓.It was the start of a 16-year journey that has raised millions of yu

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an to help hundr▓eds of children with thalassemia.Liu, only 26 at the time, choked back tears as the other mother told her

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the family could not afford▓ the expensive treatment, let alone the follow-up care. Liu gave her several hundred yuan and t

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ed."Over 10 years have passed, and I've ne▓ver seen that little girl again," Liu said. "Her mi

micide Squad and Forensi

serable suffering touched me deeply, and I've felt great▓ remorse for not giving more of a

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le angel at that ti▓me."Liu has great empathy for parents whose children have thalassemia because her own daughter ▓was diagnosed with a sever

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ix mont▓hs after her birth in 2001.She was told ▓her daughter could only be cured by a bone-marrow transplant and that regular treatment▓ - b

ident is likely to be a murder-suic

lood transfusions, for example - would just pr▓olong her life.In May 2009, Liu's daughter, then 8 ye▓ars old, received a transplant at Nanfang Hospital in Guangzhou, Guangdong province, after a matched donor

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